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Woree Sports and Aquatics Centre is a well maintained facility with space for family activities. 3 pools are on offer during the summer months. (Both outdoor kids pools are closed during winter).


50m 8 lane pool, complete with FINA approved diving blocks at each end of the pool. It is kept at around 27 degrees all year with the heaters being switched on during the winter months.



The Wipeout is available for hire for birthday parties or functions for kids from 8-16. It is also available to the public on selected days. For costing and availability please contact the pool for more details.

Wipeout Rules:

- Children must be able to swim 30m's unassissted.

- No jewelery is to be worn while on the wipeout.

- Children are to only jump onto the wipeout when told by the lifeguards to prevent over crowding.

Aqua Aerobics

Want to improve your fitness and stamina the social way? Or require some gentle water aerobic exercise as part of your rehabilitation, or physiotherapy routine? We have a choice of Aquafit classes to suit your requirements and availability.

Monday and Wednesday  at  6 - 7 pm

These evening sessions are run by Robyn Lee. Robyn has been at the pool for over 20 years doing Aqua. Her classes are generally deep water classes with buoyancy aids etc. Held in the 50m pool.

Tuesday's and Friday's at  9.30 - 10.30 am  (check calendar for changes in times each week).

The morning sessions are run by Karen Skudder.  Karen is a personal trainer with years of experience on land and now heading to the water.   Held in the 50m pool.

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Great Coffee!!!

Struggling to wake up at 5:30am to do some laps? or the kids too full of energy and leaving you drained? no worries at all! 

We have amazing coffees to help give you the perk you need to start your day.

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