Swim Efficiency

Swimming is so much easier with friends!

Whether you're a beginner swimmer with a fear of anything deeper then the bath tub, or a seasoned veteran who swims 10km as a warm-up. As the brand says Swim Efficiency is here to do just that, make you the most efficient and best swimmer you can be. 

Sander (Goose) Ganzevles (Head Coach) understands what it's going to take to achieve whatever your swimming goal is.  Be it full triathlons, or just overcoming a fear of the water.

To him swimming is a passion and with over 25 years of experience. The goal to stay ahead of what is new in the sport you will be getting the best and latest coaching techniques at all times.


We also offer one on one lessons for the absolute beginner or the video/stroke analysis for the athlete who wants special attention to refine their technique.  

Don't worry its also about "having fun" and making your swimming journey enjoyable. 

How do I Join?

It's extremely simple. Come down to the pool before one of the available squad sessions - Mon, Wed & Fri 5.30 - 7 am & Wed 9 - 10am (subject to change).  Mon & Wed 6 - 7.oo pm.  Pay for a single casual entry or a squad 10 pass, and away you go.

What else do we offer?

We offer an opportunity for you to see exactly what we see. Most people are visual learners, and can be explained things a thousand times in a thousand different ways and still not understand the message that we are trying to get across. So seeing the problem first hand helps them understand exactly what it is we need them to fix.

What is offered:

- 30 minute Stroke analysis, complete review of your stroke and what can be fixed.

- A free copy of your footage from each of the varied angles.

- A list of drills in a program format to help focus on fixing errors displayed on the footage.

- A free consultation 8 weeks later to reassess the changes and provide some more feedback. 

How it works:

1) We film you from a variety of different angles to get a complete idea of the stroke.

2) The footage is displayed using an app called Coach's Eye on the TV located in our gym, where we will break down the stroke completely and give you a priority list of things that need to be fixed.

3) A demonstration of certain drills using footage from skilled swimmers.

If interested in pricing and organising a session, please call us down at WSAC on 40546964

Open Water Swims

During the year Woree Sports and Aquatics Centre offers training days up at Lake Eacham (during summer) and Trinity Beach (during winter) for those looking at doing competitive open water racing. Catering to all levels, from new triathletes to seasoned veterans. For more information please call the pool for training dates.

open water swimming